We use GOLFZON Vision simulators,


These state of the art simulators provide an incredibly realistic and fun virtual golfing experience. Tested by professional tour golfers from around the world to prove the accuracy of distance, ball flight and other factors, GOLFZON VISION simulators have been voted World’s BEST Golf Simulator by Golf Digest 4 years in a row!

  • Automatic Ball Teeing – No more chasing balls or bending over to tee it up means more time to golf!

  • Tilting swingplate – The hitting platform lifts and tilts to simulate sidehill and downhill lies.

  • Short game – Putting and chipping are excellent – go ahead and play the flop shot!

  • Accurate – High speed overhead cameras capture your swing and ball movemvent with incredible precision, providing detailed swing analysis, including ball speed & spin, carry and trajectory feedback.